Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the officiant needed at rehearsal? 
    Usually not.  With a wedding planner in place, but it really depends on the size and place of your wedding.  It can be added to your contract if you will want me there. Whether attending your rehearsal with a run through for ceremony or facilitating your rehearsal if there’s no wedding planner.  In this case, I would be coordinating line up for wedding party, showing people how to walk, etc.  I’m glad to be part of your rehearsal, depending on my availability. 

    $125 to attend rehearsal
    $150 to facilitate rehearsal

  • Can officiant do an in-person consultation with couple?  An in-person meeting is not necessary, but it can be arranged and added to your contract.  I’m available to you for unlimited phone calls and emails, and I gather information through questionnaires so that I can create your perfect ceremony. 

    $75 for 30 minute face-to-face consultation

  • What time officiant arrive on our big day for the wedding ceremony? 
    I arrive at least 30 – 45 minutes before the ceremony starts.  I check in with your other wedding vendors, cueing with your DJ and securing your marriage license.  

  • How long does the officiant usually stay after the ceremony? 
    I usually stay 30 minutes or as long as needed to secure witnesses for your marriage license.  I also coordinate a photo opp with your photographer accordingly. 

  • How is our license returned to the courthouse after the ceremony? 
    I file your marriage license at the courthouse either in person or by registered mail. 

  • Will officiate travel to perform a wedding ceremony? 
    Yes, I will.  However, if the venue is 25 miles or further, I charge mileage.

    Travel Charge: Venues over 25 miles from DeLand, FL will incur a $1 surcharge per mile one way. The first 25 miles to the venue are included. There is a $1 per mile fee for each mile beyond the initial 25.  For example, if the venue is 50 miles, one from Deland, it will incur a $25 travel fee.  

  • What is on the wedding USB? 
    The wedding USB contains your personalized ceremony script and a wedding certificate as a keepsake from your big day.  After their ceremony, many couples respond that they want their script, so I now provide this as an option.  Also, the license from the state of Florida is very unattractive, so this certificate serves as a keepsake from your big day. Fee for Wedding USB$50

  • Tell me more about the wedding arch?  It’s available for rental to enhance your big day.  The arch is 7’ tall and comes with floral trim and fabric.   

    $100 if you install and decorate
    $250 if officiant installs and decorates

  • What is the process to book Weddings by Sam as your officiant?

    1.     Inquiry form on website

    2.     Officiant contacts couple via email or phone (couple’s preference)

    3.     In-person or phone consultation to determine fit

    4.     Couple books officiant with contract and $100 booking deposit through PayPal.  Balance due by wedding date

    5.     Officiant sends questionnaires in order to personalize your ceremony. 

  • Does officiant provide his own mic/speaker?

    If DJ will not be providing sound for wedding ceremony, officiant can bring his mic/speaker.

    $50 for mic and speaker

  • How do I obtain a marriage license in Florida?

    • A Florida marriage license is required for all marriages performed in the State of Florida.

    • Out-of-state licenses cannot be accepted, nor is a Florida marriage license valid outside of Florida.

    • The couple must apply together in person at their local Clerk of Court to get sworn in.

    • Some counties allow you to submit your information online to expedite the process.

    • Applicants musts present two forms of ID, usually a driver's license and social security card.

    • If either have previously been married, they must also present proof of marital status.

    • All applicants are required to read the Florida Family Law Handbook before the marriage license will be issued.

    • You do not have to be married in the same county where you obtain your license.

    • The marriage license must be on the premises when the ceremony is performed.

    • The license expires exactly 60 days from the date of issue.

    • There is a 3-day waiting period for Florida residents. This waiting period is waived for non-residents.

    • The cost of a marriage license in Florida is $86.00.

    • There is a $25 discount offered to Florida residents who complete an approved premarital course. Also, the three day waiting period is waived.

    • Please follow instructions on the Florida Department of Health website for obtaining a marriage license: